REVIEW: Relian Fiber & Transplanting Gel Mascara


I’m always struggling to achieve long eyelashes whilst avoiding the “spider’s legs” look. I’ve tried lots of different high-street brands of mascara, but due to my excessive over-use of it, i always end up with three thick, clumpy spikes produding from my eyelids. I have lost count of the amount of times I have finished my make-up routine, only to then angrily swipe a make-up wipe over my eyes and start again!

I despise the heavy, sleepy feel that comes with fake eyelashes, so Relian’s mascara sounded perfect for me. Although it costs £20 or more in local salons, i bought mine new from an Ebay shop for £5.15. I had seen so many positive reviews that i simply had to try it!

Mine was shipped from Asia, so i found the English version of the information online, which states that Relian promise to:

  • Lengthen your eyelashes by 300%
  • Give you a natural look that shows your eyelashes having beautiful, natural curves
  • Give no irritation to eyes
  • Last throughout the whole day


Water (Aqua), Vinyl Acetitate Homopolymer, Black Iron Oxide, Bees Wax, Carnauba Wax, Stearic Acid, Butylene Glycol, Ozokorite Acacia, Triethanolamine, Hydroxyethylcellulose, C18-36 Acid Triglyceride, Lecithin, Polysorbate 20, Sorbitan Laurate, Propelyne Glycol Laurate, Phenoxyethanol, Methyl Paraben, Ethylparaben, Propyl Paraben.


The mascara comes in an elegant black and chrome flip box, which is hard enough to protect the product, and is secured by a magnet inside the cover. One fiber stick and one black mascara transplanting gel stick sit on a bed of shiny satin-like material. It certainly gives the impression of high quality!

The idea is simple: Coat your eyelashes with the transplanting gel, as you would a regular mascara. Then brush the tiny fibres over the eyelashes so that they stick. I must admit, after the first time I used it I was shocked at how well it worked! My eyelashes looked long, thick, and best of all, it is very difficult to form clumps!






I was impressed. I couldn’t stop using it- which is where I went wrong. I used it so often that my eyes began to occasionally feel itchy as some of the fibers fell onto my eyeballs, despite the website declaring that it wouldn’t cause any irritability. To me, that discomfort was worth my eyelashes looking pretty, but I imagine it would frustrate other people.


I must warn you that this mascara is NOT waterproof. You’re not going to want to watch any girly tear-jerkers whilst wearing it! When wet, the fibers kind of peel off in sheets. Trust me, it is not a pretty look!


  • Makes your eyelashes look fuller and longer
  • It’s affordable
  • It is long-lasting (even despite my over-use it lasts me at least four weeks)
  • It is easy to use
  • The packaging is simple yet elegant


  • It is not waterproof
  • The fibers are prone to falling into your eyes and causing them to itch
  • If you rub your eyes whilst wearing the product, some fibers often spread around your eyelids/cheeks.


If you do try this product, the only suggestions I would make is that after applying the fibers, you then apply another coat of the transplanting gel. I’ve noticed that this helps the fibers to stay in place throughout the day. Also, take care to screw the lids on well as the gel can dry out quite easily, like any other mascara. Make sure you use warm water to remove mascara before sleeping as you’re likely to rub your eyes, and you never know where those fibers will end up!


Despite the cons, i still adore this product. I use it regularly, and even use it alongside regular mascaras if i want to maximize the effects. I recommend it to all of my friends and family!




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