TUTORIAL: Polymer Clay Croissant Charm (Easy)

Everybody loves these tasty French delicacies, and what better than a realistic croissant that will last forever?! They are surprisingly easy to make out of clay, and perfect as a charm for a cute bracelet or necklace! Why not make one and attach to a chain as a piece of jewelry for yourself or an adorable gift for a friend? Just don’t try to eat them- they don’t taste as delicious as the real ones!


Things you’ll need:

  • A ball of dough-coloured polymer clay
  • A cutting tool
  • A pin
  • Some pastels
  • An eyepin
  • A rolling tool
  • A dotting tool (optional)
  • Clay varnish
  • A bracelet/necklace chain (optional)


Step one: Take your piece of clay and cut off one third of it, then put it to the side for later. With the rest of the clay, mould it into a kind of half moon shape, with the ends pushed slightly inwards, like the photo above.


Step two: take half of the clay you put to the side, roll it out so that it is about 1mm thick, then cut it into a long rectangle.


Step three: Carefully wrap the rectangle around the middle part of the half moon shape, and press it down so that it sticks.


Step four: Roll out your remaining part of clay and cut out a smaller rectangle, with one side gradually becoming slightly thinner.


Step five: Wrap this new rectangle on top of the first one, with the thinner part facing towards you.


Step six: Use your cutting tool or your pin to add detail to the croissant. Remember, pastry is flaky, so you want it to look as if parts of it have cracked and flaking off. I carefully pushed in small lines all over, paying particular attention to where the lines meet. You want the lines to blend slightly so it doesn’t just look like you’ve placed it on top, but not so much that they disappear.


It should look similar to the above image.


Step seven: Take your paintbrush and dab small amounts of brown pastel onto the croissant. It will stick into the grooves you have made and make them more prominent. Begin by using a darker brown on the very top so that it looks crispy, blending it lightly towards the side. Do a little bit at a time so you don’t over-do it. At this stage, you can also add an eyepin if desired.


Step eight: Bake in the oven until hard (around 7-10 minutes on gas mark 5), then varnish it.


Voila! You’re finished! :)


  • You could try taking a piece of dark brown clay, rolling it into a very thin snake, and then chopping it up to add chocolate sprinkles!
  • If you’d like to slice it oven and pull it in half slightly, you could mix light yellow and translucent clay together and cut out a very small square for butter. Then, mix a little yellow pastel with liquid polymer clay, and spread it down the sides so that it looks as if the yummy butter is melting over the pastry.

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