REVIEW: Wilko’s Fruits Face Masks


I’m always a sucker for different or unusual combinations of ingredients when it comes to cosmetic products. They intrigue me, and I just have to try it! So when I came across Wilkinson’s new cosmetic range, i decided to check the products out. There was a half-aisle dedicated to this new range, “Fruits”, and it was eye-catching, with vibrant colours and clear pricing written on faux chalkboards.

The range consisted mainly of body butters, shower gels, bath bombs, etc. But I was drawn to the face masks, which were neatly stacked in varying colours. The whole range is priced at £1.50 each, or three for £3, which is very reasonable. My flavours of choice were rhubarb & vanilla, and lemon & black pepper. I also chose the face mask kit to bring it up to £3.


i decided to try the lemon and black pepper mask first. Upon opening, it smelled delicious! i couldn’t really fault it- the lemony scent was pretty strong, but the black pepper was definitely there. The kit provides a plastic bowl, a spatula and a brush. I used the spatula to take out the face mask and mix it, and applied using the brush, which made it so much easier than simply using my fingers as I usually do!


Unfortunately, within 30 seconds of applying, my face began stinging. This gradually got worse over the next five minutes, although it was more of a discomfort than painful. Perhaps it wasn’t the wisest choice of face mask for someone with sensitive skin? That said, I left it on for the full 15 minutes and upon washing it off I was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin did feel slightly softer, and the stinging sensation hadn’t left any soreness or rash. Yay!

I did struggle to wash the face mask off, because it kind of clung to my skin and forced me to scrub after a while rather then just rub with my hands. Perhaps I applied it onto my face too thick? Either way, it certainly isn’t an attractive look!



  • Thick, creamy consistency which prevents dripping
  • Scent is fresh and fruity
  • Packaging is simple and clear
  • Very affordable
  • Kit is easy to use and is reusable


  • Takes a while to wash off
  • This particular face mask was a tad harsh for my skin


I’m not a huge fan of face masks in general, unless they possess some magical ingredient which promises to unclog my pores or make me look like Kate Moss (yeah, right), and I don’t often pamper myself. So I wouldn’t personally buy these again for myself, although I would keep these in mind if I were to have friends over for a pampering night. They’re perfect to try out with friends, and best of all, it won’t break the bank!



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