TUTORIAL: Polymer Doughnut/Donut (Easy)

Who loves doughnuts? I do! Who is mad enough about doughnuts that they’ll wear one? I know I am! Here’s my incredibly simple tutorial which will explain how I create my adorable little doughnut charms- you’ll be able to make one whatever your experience in using clay! They’re perfect for attaching to any type of jewelry and giving to a friend, or just keeping for yourself as a unique little statement piece!


What you’ll need:

  • Liquid clay
  • Soft pastels
  • Varnish
  • Some tan/beige polymer clay
  • A hard paintbrush
  • A dotting tool and a needle tool
  • Eye pins (optional)


Step 1:
Decide what size you’d like to make your charm. You can try any size you like, as long as it isn’t too heavy to wear. Roll it into a ball.
TIP: If you get little bits of fluff in your clay like I have here, try using a wet wipe to scrape off the bits. Alternatively, pick them off with a pin.


Step 2:
Use your needle tool to poke a hole through the middle, then rotate it around in a circular motion until you form a hole which looks big enough.


Step 3:
Choose which colour you’d like for your icing. I used a dark red. Scrape some pastels off with your needle tool and mix. Keep mixing until you can’t see any bits of pastel.

Step 4:
Spread this mixture onto the top of your dough, dripping it down the sides slightly.

Step 5:
Bake on gas mark 4 until hard. And you’re finished!




  • I glued ear studs on the back of my larger ones, but you could insert an eye pin before baking if you’d like to make it into a charm
  • If you’d like to add sprinkles like I did, just roll out a thin snake of clay and cut on different angles, then stick on top of your icing before baking.
  • On my large doughnuts, I decided to cut out a jagged shape from one side so that it looks as if it has been nibbled on. This is optional but is quite effective.
  • I made some tiny doughnuts and dropped them into a little glass vial, glued on the cap, pressed an eye pin into the cork, then used it as an adorable little charm!
  • If you’d like to try a marbled effect in your icing, just drizzle your liquid clay as normal, then form lines of the same mixture in a different colour, then draw lines with a pin in the opposite direction.

I hope you’re happy with your scrumptious little creations! Please message below with any questions. I’d also love to see how yours turned out! Have a beautiful day :)

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