REVIEW: TRESemme Backcomb Dust


Like most women, I love adding volume and texture to my hair. Ever since the age of 12 I’ve been backcombing my hair (although I’ve now learnt not to go as far as to look as if I’ve been attacked by a mob of scarecrows). We’ve seen many different celebrities showing off their fabulous, voluminous  hair, like Gwen Stefani, Diana Vickers and, of course, Cher!


Unfortunately, backcombing and teasing hair can not only be frustrating to brush back out, but is very harmful for your hair. It strips your hair fibers of their cuticle cells and can increase split ends.

I’m fairly new to backcombing powder, but have tried out a couple of different brands. Today I’m going to test the TRESemme backcomb dust, which claims to increase texture and volume.


The instructions are simple enough and made very clear: Just massage into your roots and style. I bought the product from Boots for £2.00, in a half price sale.



As you can see, my hair isn’t particularly flat, but I was hoping for a dramatic difference.


I poured the powder onto my fingers and was quite surprised at how nice it smelt. The texture is very fine and light, similar to talcum powder but twice as small. I then massaged it into my roots, adding more to each layer to my hair until I was happy with it.
TIP: I began from my bottom roots, and it became difficult to work my way upwards because the hair felt so matted. I’d suggest beginning with your top later.

My hair didn’t feel particularly comfortable, but it is no worse than the feeling after backcombing. It’s also less time consuming and easier to style afterwards, because you don’t end up with knots and tangles all over the place.

It is difficult to brush out, but once washed I did not find that it left any icky residue or knots.



The result wasn’t as noticeable as I’d hoped, but for £2.00 I can’t really complain. It achieves what it claims to.


  • Affordable
  • Pleasant, subtle aroma
  • Adds volume
  • Easy to use
  • Holds hair in place for a long time
  • Clear, simple packaging


  • Difficult to brush out
  • Quite a small amount of powder in the bottle, so does not last very long for someone with thick hair
  • Difficult to add more powder into sections of your hair if it is surrounded by “backcombed” layers


Overall, I quite like the product. I do prefer my hair to be quite a bit bigger, but I may attempt to combine the dust with slight backcombing. I’d definitely buy it again unless I come across another brand which is similarly cheap!



Please leave a message below with any questions or to share your experiences with this product. Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day! 

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