TUTORIAL: No Sew Fabric Bows

I’m always left with bags full of scrap fabric, never knowing what to do with it all. I usually try to incorporate it into some kind of patchwork toy or home accessory, but I decided to try something a bit different. If you fancy making a cute, oversized bow hair clip that will make a statement, stay tuned! It’ll require no sewing, no real skill in working with fabric, and will take all of ten minutes! You can use any patterns you like, but for this one I decided to go for a seaside theme.


What you’ll need:

  • Fabric
  • Glue gun
  • A few glue sticks
  • A hair clip (optional)


Step 1:
Begin with two pieces of fabric, one around 7cm by 3cm, and the other around 3cm by 3cm. It doesn’t need to be perfect- these are just guides. I don’t like to make them too perfect because I prefer a more rustic feel!



Step 2:
Take your larger piece of fabric, glue down the longer sides, then fold them over very slightly. You don’t want to make it too thin, just hide any frays or jagged edges.



Step 3:
Glue down the middle of the piece, then press the end into it. Repeat to the other side.


Step 4:
Squeeze the part where the pieces meet, so that it creates slight folds which splay out towards the sides.


Step 5:
Take your smaller piece of fabric. Glue down the left and right sides as you did with the first one. Now dot some glue around the middle of the main bow, wrapping the smaller piece around so that it covers the meeting point. Try to tuck it in so that the folds in the main fabric are kept in place by this second part.


Step 6 (optional):
Glue your clip onto the back of your bow, and you’re finished! Yay!


I experimented with lost of different colours and sizes. You can use scraps, recycled unwanted clothing- whatever works for you!


Please message below with any questions. I’d also love to see how yours turned out. Have a beautiful day! :)


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