TUTORIAL: Camouflage Inspired Nails

This is my first nail tutorial, and I really wanted to begin with something a bit different. Although I love nails and cosmetics, I am quite a tomboy by nature, and I often find myself shying away from the girlier designs that involve excessive amounts of pink, glitter, leopard print and rhinestones. I like something that will catch people’s eyes, and also something that’s fun to paint! Here’s my camo-inspired nail tutorial. The design is more dainty than the usual camouflage pattern. Have fun!


What you’ll need:

Nail varnish in similar colours to these. I won’t suggest brands- just go for browns, greens and make sure you have a black nail pen or very small brush rather than just a normal varnish, because you don’t want too much black.


Step 1:
Paint all of your nails with quite a light brown. I chose a metallic brown, but it’s up to you.


Step 2:
Once dry, use a deep green to draw shapes similar to these over all of your nails. Try not to make each nail too symmetrical.


Step 3: 
Add bits of deep brown in random shapes, overlapping the green slightly but not covering it completely.


Step 4: 
Use a light/lime green next. Try to make sure there are bits of every colour showing. Try to keep the amounts fairly equal.


Step 5:
Use your black nail pen/brush to draw delicate lines, with some of the lines branching off into another one.

Step 6 (optional):
If you’re planning on keeping the varnish on for a while, I’d suggest leaving all of your nails to dry and then adding a layer of clear nail varnish.

TIP: If you have any messy bits of varnish on your skin, just dip a cotton bud (Q tip) in nail varnish and wipe it over until it disappears.



Finished! Ready for battle! 

Thanks for reading! Please message me below with any questions. I’d also love to see how yours turned out. Peace and love.

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