REVIEW: L’OREAL Matt & Messy Salt Spray

I’m constantly trying to achieve that perfect “I’ve just walked out of the sea and my hair is still covered in salt” look. That hippie/bohemian style is really in right now, and it looks great with pretty much any hairstyle!
I’ve tried a whole load of salt spray products, but they often end up being sticky or having no affect at all on my hair. So, here’s a quick review on the L’OREAL Matt & Messy Salt Spray!

I bought the spray from Boots for £3.75. Although slightly more expensive than the hair products I usually go for (I know, I’m stingy!), but it’s pretty affordable if it gives good results.


The product comes in this bottle, which I quite like. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s a modern design and the information is clearly laid out.

It says that, Salt Spray is a great way to achieve that super sexy, texturised waves. It adds extra lift and definition, with no greasiness and no weighing down.” Well, that is exactly what I’m looking for! Lets give it a go!

There are different ways to use the spray, which is printed clearly on the bottle. This is how you use it:

1. Spray on dry or damp hair and ruffle for instant texturising effect.
2. For tousled waves, define sections and twist them with your fingers.
Tip: to give a more wild and voluminous feel to your tousled look, crumple your hair into your hands while spraying.



I opted for the last option. I began with wavy but flat hair, sprayed it onto my hair, then crumpled it all up. I did this in sections to avoid my hair becoming too damp, which would spoil the waves. I think it takes a little bit of practice to cover the whole of your hair without messing it up too much or applying too much spray.

The spray smells surprisingly chemically, but masked with a kind of floral fragrance. It isn’t disgusting, but it is quite strong. I’m sure it would appeal to a lot of people, because it’s very similar to that of hairspray or hair mousse. The salt spray itself looks and feels like water, but slightly sticky.


It took a while to cover the whole of my hair, but it did make it look wilder and more volumous. It seemed messier than I was expecting, and the patches of hair which had been sprayed too much became hardened and were quite uncomfortable to brush out later. Despite that, it’s one of my favourite salt spray products I’ve tried so far because it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy and really does help to add volume and waves.


  • Pretty affordable
  • Produces good results
  • Clear, simple packaging
  • Easily sourced in the UK


  • Slightly sticky
  • Strong aroma
  • Produces hardened patches of hair upon applying too much

Despite the cons, the L’OREAL salt spray does produce good results, and that’s the most important thing for me. It isn’t the perfect product, but I’ll be sticking to it until I happen to come across anything better. I like the messy look, and this helps to achieve that.


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