REVIEW: NYX Deep Red Jumbo Lip Pencil


We’ve seen all sorts of beautiful ladies in the media sporting bold red lipstick, such as the likes of Rita Ora, Nina Nebitt and Katy Perry. It’s elegant and it’s sexy, but it can also be incredibly messy. Nobody wants to leave lipstick stains on their wine glasses or on their boyfriend (ooooh!) So, I’m on a quest to find my favourite bright red lipstick. Here’s my review on the NYX jumbo lip pencil. Enjoy, m’lovelies!

I’d already read up on the product online before purchasing, so I knew what to expect. They claim that it “provides precision lining and also fills in color on the lips. It features a formula that is smooth, creamy and moisturizing”. Well, I thought, that sounds perfect! The only problem was trying to find the brand over here in the UK. In the end, I settled for ordering (new) from Amazon for £4.



As soon as it arrived, I tried it. As someone who is used to using regular lipsticks, this pencil shape was surprisingly FAR easier to apply. You’re able to outline your lips with more precision and have more control as to how thick you want the lipstick.

There wasn’t the plastic-type smell I’ve experienced before with high street branded lipstick, which was a relief. The lipstick wasn’t sticky and was almost creamy in the way in which it applied so easily and flawlessly to my lips.

I love the colour. It’s bold, sexy and slightly edgy. Just what I was looking for! I feel it’s difficult to find the right shade, and to keep within that narrow boundary between “tacky” bright red and “over the top” too-dark red.


Now for the big question.. Was my face left in a state of red streaks after an hour? Well.. The red did wipe off a little, but it didn’t smudge onto the rest of my face. My lips were left moisturised and they weren’t too stained, which is always a plus!



  • Affordable
  • Rich colour
  • Easy to apply
  • Simple, clear packaging


  • Difficult to source in the UK
  • Does smudge very slightly

I’ll definitely continue to use this product. Although it can smudge, I think that’s to be expected in most lipsticks if you want to avoid staining. I’d recommend trying this one if you’re looking for an affordable lipstick which provides a rich, bold colour as well as moisturising your lips. It’s also perfect for people (like me) who struggle to get the shape of your lips right with the average big, stumpy lipstick stick!



Thank you for reading! Have a beautiful day. :)



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