TUTORIAL: Quick & Elegant Masquerade Mask (Female)

In a few days I will be going to my first ever masquerade ball, and I’m really excited! I have my dress ready, but being the disorganised gal that I am, I had no mask. I browsed online for a while and found some beautiful, elegant masks. Then I came to the conclusion that I would rather make it myself than spend £15 upwards for a decent one. So, I raided my craft room and set about making this little beauty!
My dress is a mixture of cream, beige and brown, so I stuck with the same colour scheme. You can use this technique to create a masquerade mask that will really compliment your beautiful outfit! It will be perfect in time for Halloween, and should be completely safe for older children!

What you’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Decorative paper/thin card
  • Lace
  • Long, black pieces of 3D craft stickers or a black fineliner pen
  • Plain elasticated head or a bamboo skewer
  • Glue gun and a couple of glue sticks
  • An old feathered headpiece or some feathers and wire


Step 1:Take your piece of cardboard (mine is actually a clean piece which came out of a pizza box), then draw an outline of your mask. Hold it up next to your face and make sure it will fit nicely, ensuring that the holes are big enough for you to see out of.


Step 2:
Carefully cut out this template.


Step 3:
Use your fingers to slightly curve the cardboard so that it will sit on your face more comfortably.


Step 4:
Draw around your template onto the piece of decorative piece of paper and cut out. I left one corner of it because it will be covered up later on. Stick your paper onto your cardboard, making sure it does not crease with the curve.


Step 5:
I stuck some thin black stickers around the eye holes, but you could also neatly draw around them with a black fineliner.


Step 6:
Now, there are two different ways to do this. The first is to get a feathered headpiece and cut off the headband/pin attached to it. Stick the main part of the headpiece onto the side of the mask using generous amounts of glue.
If you haven’t got a headpiece, simply take two feathers and glue a piece of wire in between them. Now, cut the wire to size and then stick the other end of the wire to the back of the mask, protruding at an angle. Repeat until you’re happy with it.
At this point, I also framed the whole mask with some lace which I cut off an old tablecloth, gluing it down with the glue gun.


Step 7 (optional):
I glued another small hair clip into the middle of my flower for some added detail.

Step 8 (optional):
My mask will be worn all night, so I wasn’t worried about what the back looks like. If you want it to be neater, you could draw again around the main piece onto plain paper or card, then glue it onto the backing. This will just hide all of those ugly bits of glue.

Step 9: Glue your elasticated hairband or your bamboo skewer into place on the back, and you’re finished! Woo-hoo!


  • You could use frayed scrap pieces of fabric in place of the decorative paper for a more rustic look.
  • For added strength, use paper mache over the cardboard. Just mix up one part PVA glue to one part water, rip up some small strips of newspaper, cover the whole thing in a couple of layers, then leave to dry completely before decorating.
  • Experiment with different shapes for a more unique mask. You could try a half-face mask, a lop-sided mask, or a crazy masterpiece that protrudes out of your head from all directions!


I hope this tutorial helped. If you’re going to a Masquerade Ball, too, then I hope you enjoy yourself! Have a beautiful day, my lovelies!

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