REVIEW: Tony Moly Super Peeling Liquid


It feels as if it’s been weeks since I last wrote a review.   Sorry, guys!
Here’s a product that I tried out a few weeks back. I’d read a couple of positive reviews on this one, so I decided I’d better try it out. It has nothing to do with it being made by one of my favourite brands, honestly. 😉

WARNING: This post does contain some extremely yucky photos of my feet, along with dead skin, etc. If you’re eating or have a weak stomach, I wouldn’t suggest scrolling down further. Sorry about that!

My feet before:

Other than when it’s raining, I’m almost always wearing flip-flops, or barefoot when I’m at home. So it’s pretty important to me that my feet look nice. Well, as nice as feet can possibly look, I guess. I’ve tried using moisturising creams, gels, and foot masks. My feet don’t get particularly dry or cracked, but they could definitely do with some TLC. I came across this foot peeling liquid and although seeming pretty extreme, I was fascinated. I bought it for around £6 from Ebay. Could this possibly work? 

Basically, the liquid somehow manages to target the dead skin on your feet, and days after using it your feet start to shed like a snake, and once it has all gone they’re left in “baby-like” condition. Hm.. Let’s see.


The pack contains liquid for both feet, bags used to soak your feet in, and some foot cream for afterwards. I bagged my feet up, poured the liquid in, tied the tops and left my feet for the full 1.5 hours. I’d suggest getting comfy because it really isn’t fun trying to walk with these on.


WARNING: In all fairness, it does say on the pack that you shouldn’t use the product if you have irritated skin. I guess they didn’t account for an idiot like me using it! I had a blister that had rubbed off and I completely forgot about it. Once the liquid hit it I was in quite a lot of pain. It felt like burning the whole time. Don’t make the same mistake.


Other than that, I didn’t have any discomfort from the peeling liquid. My feet went all wrinkly like if you’ve stayed in the bath too long. There isn’t much of a scent, and the liquid itself is clear and watery, so easy to distribute evenly.


Once the time was up, I took the bags off in the bath and washed them thoroughly. I then used the foot cream which left them feeling quite soft. Then, I waited.

Results after one week: 



They started to peel in places, but as it says on the packet that you’re not supposed to pull at the skin, I left it alone.

Results after two weeks: 



They gradually peeled more and more. This is how they looked at their worst. Needless to say, I did not wear flip-flops for a while!

My feet after three weeks: 




The peeling had stopped and my feet were feeling much smoother. Due to my walking around barefoot a lot, the skin hardened up again fairly quickly, but that’s to be expected. The results aren’t incredible in the photos, but I can assure you that they certainly felt fresher.


  • Affordable
  • Simple packaging
  • Clear instructions
  • No horrible scent
  • No irritation to skin (other than the blister, but that was my own fault!)
  • Positive results


  • Difficult to source in the UK
  • Result don’t last long
  • 1.5 hours in a long time to sit in one place!

Overall, would I buy this product again? Probably not, unless my feet got really dry. I’d recommend it to people who have a lot of hard skin because there’s no doubt that the product does what it says on the box. For me, my feel just got back to normal far too quickly.



Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with this product, please leave a message below. Have a lovely day :)



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