TUTORIAL: Piet Mondrian Inspired Nails

I’m feeling pretty creative today, so I’ve decided to mix it up a little. I’m attempting some nail designs inspired by the very talented Piet Mondrian. They’re fairly simple so it’ll be fun for people of all skill levels. I’ll also tell you how to achieve the look without any fancy equipment.

All you’ll need is:

  • Nail varnish (white, black, blue, red, yellow and clear)
  • A very thin paintbrush (if you’re not using nail pens)
  • Cotton but (Q-tip)
  • Nail varnish remover


Step one:
First of all, apply two thin layers of matte white varnish. Leave to dry completely.


Step two:
Paint on some horizontal and vertical black lines. You don’t want each nail the same! I drew quite thick lines because I wanted the design to be as bold and eye-catching as possible, but thin lines would look nice, too.


Step three:
Begin to paint your first colour into some of the blocks. I stuck to one block of each colour on each nail.


Step four:
Paint in your second colour. Try to space the colour out a little, you don’t want one side colourful and the other completely white!

nails5Step five:
Paint in your final colour. Keep it all as neat as possible.

nail1Step six (optional):
Take a cotton bud, dip it in nail varnish remover and rub it around the edges of your nails to tidy it up a little.

Step seven:
Once you’re happy with the design, finish it with a layer of clear varnish! Mine didn’t turn out perfect but I’m still pretty happy with them.

Thanks for reading! Check out my “Nailed It” category for more nail tutorials. Please leave a message below with any questions. Toodle-do!

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