REVIEW: Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch

Okay, I’ve made it no secret how much I adore the Tony Moly brand. I also recently got one of my reviews shared on their Facebook page (thanks again!). That said, I still feel as if I have to be completely honest when reviewing any product I review, whether I like the brand or not. That’s partly why I began to review cosmetics- I got tired of reading “reviews” which were quite clearly bias. It’s important to point out that when I’m negative about a product I am in no way putting down the brand itself.




Okay, with that boring stuff out the way, let’s begin! I chose the Lovely Lips Patch solely on the design. It appealed to me instantly- it’s quirky, girly and fun! I paid £3 for it on Ebay, which I thought was very reasonable.

The aim of the product is to make your lips smooth, soft and kissable. My lips are always pretty chapped, probably due to living so near the coast, so this seemed like the perfect product for me. The directions on the pack are clear enough: just apply to your lips for 20-30 minutes.

I ripped the pack open and stuck it to my lips. The lips are a kind of jelly-like consistency. I’ve tried other similar products which are so slippery that they slide right off your face, but I was surprised to find this one very easy to use. Granted, you can’t use your mouth for half an hour (I think my boyfriend enjoyed the silence!). The trick is to kind of stick the pack onto your lips and create a vacuum, so that it stays in place. Just don’t smile! 


It doesn’t smell particularly offensive- it has a slight floral scent. But if you lick your lips afterwards you’ll find that it doesn’t taste very nice at all! I left the pack for the full 30 minutes, then peeled it off. I have to say, I wasn’t completely overwhelmed by the results. They were softer, and my boyfriend said that they’re definitely more kissable! But it just wasn’t the amazing result that I’ve come to expect from Tony Moly.

That said, it’s fair to say that the patch does achieve what it claims to. It also gave my skin no irritation at all, even with chapped lips. My lips only stayed soft for around a day or two, though.


  • Affordable
  • Lovely packaging and product design
  • Clear directions
  • Easy to use
  • Softens lips
  • Product overall is fun!


  • Leaves a chemically taste on lips after use
  • Cannot use mouth once applied
  • Difficult to source in the UK
  • Results don’t last long
  • Can only be used once

I probably wouldn’t buy this patch again, simply because Tony Moly have far more impressive products out there. Due to the short-lived results, I would recommend it if you have a hot date the next day, or if you’re having a pampering party. Although I’m  not overly impressed, it is still eye-catching and fun, which in my opinion is almost as important as the product itself. For the low price that it is it’s definitely worth giving a go, but don’t expect miracles!



Thanks for reading! Please leave a message below with any questions or to share your experience with this product. Check out the rest of my website for more product reviews. Have a great day!

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