TUTORIAL: Rustic Twig Lamp Shade

I’ve had these lampshades for years, and because they’re fitted onto the lights I didn’t think I’d be able to do much with them. They’re old-fashioned and ugly, and not in the shabby chic kind of way! So one day, whilst everyone was out, I unscrewed them and collected together my crafty bits.


This is how they looked before. I decided to go for a design that matches the neutral green of the walls. I’d seen some designs before where sticks are wrapped around lampshades in various patterns. Although I wanted to create something similar, I’m not one for copying ideas, so I put my own twist on it. It’s pretty simple, but that’s why I love it!

Although mine are glass, I’m sure this will work on different materials, as well as any sizes.

What you’ll need:

  • An old lampshade
  • Some sticks
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • A big button


Step one: 
Take the lampshade off and clean it thoroughly.


Step two: 
I went outside and collected a bunch of sticks of a similar thickness. Mine are pretty thin and have a purple tinge. I then brought them in, measured the length of my lampshade, then cut them accordingly. Don’t worry about them being too perfect- I think slight differences add to the rustic feel of it!


IMG_0147Step three: 
Once your glue gun has heated up, glue your sticks onto your lampshade. I decided to place mine on a slight angle. Try not to get too much glue piled up between the sticks because once the light is turned on you don’t want it to be too visible.
TIP: To make this step easier, place your first four sticks as if they’re on the “12, 3, 6, 9” positions on a clock. Then fill the rest in. This just makes sure they’re all on the same angle, and they all fit correctly. Leave the glue to dry completely, then wiggle the sticks a little with your fingertip to make sure they’re secure.


Step four: 
I decided on a pale green ribbon that went with the walls behind, but you can use any colour you like! Wrap it around the middle of your lampshade, gluing with the hot glue gun as you go, until the two ends meet. Cut off the excess. Check that the ribbon is placed straight all the way around, with no baggy bits.


Step five: 
Take some more ribbon, create a bow shape, glue it and then secure it onto the shade where the two pieces of ribbon meet.


Step six:
Glue your button of choice into the middle of the bow. If you want, you can trim the sticks a little so they’re all the same size. Then gently tidy the whole thing up by peeling off any excess glue with your fingertips.


Finished! You just need to screw your new lampshade in place and enjoy!


Thank you for reading. Please leave a message below with any questions, and check out the rest of my site for more tutorials. Have a lovely day! 


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