TUTORIAL: Easy Zombie Nails

Happy Halloween, everybody!
I love this time of the year and always take full advantage of themed nail art! This one looks a bit more gruesome than my usual tutorials, but I’m hoping that this will help some of you with your last-minute outfit ideas! Here we go!

What you’ll need:

  • Nail varnish (deep red, black, dark green, skin colour, clear)
  • Cotton bud (Q tip)
  • Pin / needle



Step one:
Paint one thin layer of deep red over all of your nails. Let it dry completely.

zombieStep two:
Paint a thick layer of skin coloured varnish over the red.


Step three:
Before the last layer sets, get your pin or needle and gently pull back some pieces. You want them to be different shapes and sizes, so that it looks like realistic scratch marks. You don’t want all of the nails to be too similar.


Step four: 
Use your cotton bud to blend some dark green in, so that it looks looks like bits of infected flesh. Ew!


Step five: 
With your needle, get some globs of dark red varnish and drip it onto the “cuts”, to act as extra blood.


Step six: 
Clean your needle and use it with the black varnish to create some fake stitches.
Step seven:
Repeat the last step onto all of the nails. Be patient. Let everything dry completely, then add a layer of clear nail varnish to hold it all together.

They’re finished! They’ll really set off your scary costume! 


Thanks for reading! Check out the rest of my site for more tutorials. Have a great Halloween! 

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