TUTORIAL: Polymer Shotgun (CoD inspired)

As much as I love using clay, I’ve found that creating food and cute trinkets has become a little tiresome. I wanted to experiment with something different. Although I don’t get much time anymore, I love video games- especially Call of Duty. I haven’t seen many video game inspired creations around, so here’s something to celebrate the new CoD game soon to be launched!

NOTE: I do not condone the use and/or possession of guns. For me, this charm symbolises independence, the ability to protect oneself, and of course it is aimed at those of you who enjoy video games etc, or just likes the look of the necklace! I don’t want any serious Sallys commenting telling me how inappropriate it is, thank you. :)
It also isn’t of the same proportions etc as a real shotgun- this is just for fun and my main aim is to make it look wearable, not to be realistic.

This one is pretty simple and reasonably quick. Even if you’re a beginner it’s worth trying. I always try to make my tutorials beneficial for those of all different skill levels!

What you’ll need:

  • Polymer clay (silver, dark brown)
  • Clay varnish
  • Cutting tool
  • Glue
  • Pin or needle
  • Oven
  • Links
  • Necklace chain
  • Black acrylic paint
  • An old rag or cloth
  • Small paintbrush


Step one: 
Begin with your brown clay. I combined part brown with part black to create a darker brown, but if you have a dark brown pack already that’s even better!


Step two: 
Roll out your clay so that it’s around one centimetre thick all over.


Step three:
Cut out a shape similar to the one in the above photo. Pat down the edges so that it looks neater, yet not perfectly smooth.


Step four: 
On another clean surface, roll out your silver clay at the same thickness and cut out a rectangle, then snip off a little bit of the top left edge. Attach it to your first piece.


Step five: 
Cut out one long piece of silver clay that measures at around 3/4 the length of the rest of your gun.


Step six: 
Cut out a small silver “U” shape and attach it to the bottom of the gun. Cut out another long piece of silver that is approximately 1/3 the length of your other long piece, then attach it under your first one. Then cut out a small triangle and a kind of diamond shape and attach it to the top far right end of your gun. I’m sorry this part is a little confusing- if I’ve lost you, just refer to the photo above!


Step seven: 
Back to the brown clay. Cut out four small sausage shapes of the same size and push them underneath the longest part of your gun, so that they are resting against the bottom longer silver piece.


Step eight:
At this point I trimmed my “U” shape a little so that it wasn’t so bulky. I also added three silver rectangles next to the brown sausages, one the same length as the sausages, then the other two gradually becoming shorter. They should stop around the diamond shape so that there is a gap before the end of the gun, but don’t worry if it’s not exact.


Step nine: 
Add one little ball of silver clay inside the “U” shape, pressed up against the left side of it, to act as the trigger.


Step ten:
Now it’s time to add your texture. This really helps to bring your gun to life. You want it to look used and old. I used my needle to scratch it, add some lines, and create some bolts.


Step eleven:
Use your needle to poke holes through both ends of the gun. Make sure they are wide enough to fit your links through. Now back the whole thing until hard. Mine took 20 minutes on gas mark 4.


Step twelve:
Here’s the messy part! Paint the entire gun with black acrylic paint, ensuring that you press into all of the scratches and marks. Now take your rag, dampen it very slightly, and gently wipe it over the gun. What you want is for the paint to stay in the marks while the rest of the gun is clean. This just helps to accentuate the details, adding texture and shading.


Step thirteen:
Once your paint has dried completely, glue any pieces together that haven’t stuck very well. Paint a thin layer of varnish over the entire gun and leave to dry again. Then just add your links, attach it to the chain and wear that bad boy!


You don’t have to create your gun exactly the same as mine. The best part of using clay is that you have the ability to mould something completely unique! Here are some ideas.

  • You could attempt to make another type of gun, using a photograph as a reference yet using the same techniques.
  • If you want your gun to look new and shiny, just miss out step ten and twelve.
  • You could try making yours look futuristic by using vibrant colours and adding some little buttons and gadgets.
  • Personalise your creation by “carving” a name or message into the handle of the gun.
  • It doesn’t have to be a necklace- it could be a brooch, or even turn it into a bracelet by moulding it around an empty drinks can.

Thank you all for reading! Please leave a message below with any questions or to let me know how yours turned out. Check out the rest of my website for more tutorials. Have a lovely day! 


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