TUTORIAL: Faux Knitted Heart Charm

Do you know someone who loves knitting? Well, why not make them this cute little “knitted” heart, finished with clay needles and a ball of yarn?
Christmas is coming up and i decided to share this little charm ready for you guys to create. It’s the perfect gift for a special friend or even a cheeky present for yourself! It is pretty simple, so it should suit everyone of all skill levels. It also doesn’t take too long, which is always a plus!
Note: I apologise for the fact that my clay has some lint on it in the photos- I didn’t realise until later. If you have this problem, simply use a clean wet wipe to very gently rub it off before baking.


What you’ll need:

  • Polymer clay (I used black and grey, but you can use whatever colours suit you. You’ll also need a colour for the backing, so I used yellow)
  • An oven
  • A small heart cookie cutter
  • Texture sheet (optional)
  • Liquid clay
  • Rolling tool
  • Cutting tool
  • Varnish (I use regular Fimo gloss)
  • Link and necklace chain (optional)


Step one:
Begin with two thin, long sausage shapes using your main colour.


Step two: 
Push the two long pieces together gently, so they stick together but don’t lose shape. Twist them along the length of it so that it creates a long spiral shape. Then take another two pieces and twist them the opposite way, then attach it to the first piece. Repeat this until you have something similar to the photos above, alternating the direction of the twist each time.


Step three: 
Roll out a thin piece of your backing colour (approximately 1/2 cm), then place it onto your texture sheet if you’re using one. This just helps to keep the back of the charm looking prettier. Now stick your new sheet of twists onto the backing using liquid clay, pushing down on everything very gently with your fingertips.


IMG_1404Step four: 
Take the texture sheet away and cut out your heart shape. Wrap one more “twist” around the outside and smooth down the seams. Poke a little hole if you want to attach a link later.


Step five:
Create your “needles” by rolling out a long piece of black clay which becomes very thin at one end, then stick a slightly flattened ball of clay at the thick end. Repeat. Stick into place with liquid clay.


Step six: 
Now to make the ball of yarn. Roll one small ball of clay. Use some more clay to roll out a very long, thin piece and wrap it around the ball at different directions. Trail the end piece down towards the bottom of the heart. Stick with liquid clay. Bake until hard, at around gas mark 4 (180 degrees Celsius) for 25 minutes.


Step seven: 
Varnish all over. Add a link and your necklace chain if you’re using one, package it up all nicely and you’re finished! Woo-hoo!


Thanks for reading! Please leave a message below with any questions, suggestions or constructive criticism. 
Please do check out the rest of my site for more fun craft tutorials. 

Merry Christmas (or Happy Tuesday if you don’t celebrate Christmas)! Have a beautiful day :)

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