TUTORIAL: Faux Knitted Christmas Stocking

I know that everyone is running around buying last minute Christmas gifts, which is why I want to give you all an alternative. Save money, rushing around shops, and create this cute, sentimental Christmas stocking ornament, instead! it can be personalised later by adding on a little name tag, and it can be made in any size or colours you like!
I recently posted a faux knitted heart, and I really enjoyed making it. It’s such a simple yet effective technique! It starts off quite time consuming, but once you’re on a roll I guarantee it’ll be finished before you know it.
So, get out your craft supplies, turn up the cheesy Christmas music and enjoy!

What you’ll need: 

  • Polymer clay (red, green, white. black)
  • Cutting tool
  • Pen and paper
  • A very clean surface
  • An oven


Step one: 
Roughly sketch out the stocking.


Step two: 
Begin with two long, thin pieces of clay.


Step three: 
Twist them very gently so that there are a row of twists down the length of the clay.


Step four: 
Now repeat step two, but alternate the directions of the twists after each length. Try to keep the strands similar sizes.


Step five: 
Carry on until you can fit your sheet of twists of one block colour into the correct piece of your plan. Trim off the excess. Don’t worry if you don’t stick to the plan completely, as long as there aren’t many gaps.


Step six: 
Repeat using all of the colours, until your stocking looks complete.
TIP: Wash your hands, tools and surface between colours. You don’t want smudges! 


Step seven: 
Make some fat twists to frame each colour, like the photo above. This just helps to make the whole piece look neater and bolder.


Step eight: 
Roll out some very thin pieces of black clay, cut them up into size, then place them wherever you like onto the stocking, preferably where the colours meet.
TIP: If you do have some gaps (like I did) use the stitches to patch them up. They’ll still be visible, but it’ll look as if you meant for them to be there!


Step nine: 
Roll out a big sheet of clay at around a 1/2 centimetre thick using whatever colour you want (I used red), place your stocking on top and cut around neatly. Very gently use your fingertips to push down, not enough so that it changes the shape, but just enough for the stocking to merge with the backing.
TIP: Be very careful when moving the twists- they will fall apart before they’re stuck onto the backing. 


Step ten: 
Roll out another thick twist, curve it and attach it to each side of the top of your stocking. Make sure it leaves enough of a gap for it to hang on a branch. Use your fingertips to blend the seams so that they feel secure.


Step eleven: 
Bake until hard (approximately 30 minutes on gas mark 4 or 180 degrees Celsius), leave to cool, then varnish evenly all over. Once dry, you’re all finished! 


Thanks for reading! 
Please leave a comment below with any questions, suggestions or constructive criticism. Please feel free to share this tutorial with anyone you think would find it useful. 
Check out the rest of my site for more craft tutorials. I’ll be posting a few more Christmas themed creations within the next week, so if it’s your thing, keep checking back. Have a great Christmas, everyone! 

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