TUTORIAL: Tiny Santa’s Plate

My sister and I used to love getting Santa’s plate ready on Christmas Eve- gathering the food together, writing him a note and arranging it so that he’d find it and gobble it all up. Now I get to carry the tradition on with my daughter (okay, she’s 20 months old and doesn’t understand, but shh!), and I can’t wait!

I decided to make a miniature plate which can be connected to jewellery or just kept as a little ornament. This is a fairly simple, step-by-step tutorial which can be used by people of all skill levels. Have fun!

What you’ll need: 

  • Polymer clay (light brown, dark brown, green, orange, yellow, beige/light tan, white)
  • Cutting tool
  • Rolling tool
  • Wood effect texture mat
  • An oven
  • Acrylic paint (dark brown, green, red)
  • Brown pastel
  • Liquid clay
  • Varnish (I use regular Fimo gloss)
  • Paintbrush x3 (one very thin)
  • Dotting tool/ ball tool
  • Strong craft glue


Step one:
Roll out your light brown clay and cut it into a rectangle shape.


Step two: 
Round off the corners. Apply your texture mat, press evenly all over, then remove.


Step three: 
Cut a couple of little slits into the sides of your board, along with some shallow scrapes. I wanted it to look fairly rustic. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes on gas mark 4 (180 degrees Celsius), then put to one side to cool.


Step four: 
Form a small, long carrot shape using your orange clay. You can achieve this by rolling out a small ball, then gently rolling it between your fingers until it shapes into something similar to the photo above.


Step five: 
Roll out a very thin piece of green clay, cut off some short pieces and apply to the top of your carrot to act as leaves. Use your cutting tool to gently press some horizontal lines to the body.


Step six: 
Roll out a short, stumpy cylinder shape using your yellow clay. Use your dotting tool to press a deep dent into the top. This is where the “milk” will go. Now roll out a very thin piece of clay. Cut it to size, curve it and stick onto the side of the mug. This will be the handle. If you get stuck, just refer back to the photo above.


Step seven: 
Fill the dent with a little white clay and press it in using your dotting tool. Cover the white with a little liquid clay.


Step eight:
Use my mini cookie tutorial to make two or three little cookies. We all know that Santa loves cookies!


Step nine:
Roll out some relatively thin white clay and cut it into a small rectangle. Gently fold it over so that it stands up, using your cutting tool to help to define the crease.

Step ten: 
Bake all of your items for approximately 15 minutes on gas mark 4 (180 degrees Celsius). Leave to cool.


Step eleven: 
This is a technique I use on most of my tutorials, which I love. It is incredibly effective. Paint your dark brown acrylic paint over the top of your board, then before it dries completely softly wipe a dampened rag or tissue over the surface. You want the paint to stay in any indents but leave the surface clean. This helps to add shading and brings out the texture.


Step twelve:
Repeat the same technique using your carrot.


Step thirteen: 
Paint your design onto the mug. I went for some simple holly.


Step fourteen:
Paint your message onto the “paper”. Try not to make the writing too neat as it needs to look fairly child-like.


Step fifteen: 
Once all of the paint is dry, glue all of your items in place onto your board. Now all you need to do is varnish everything and you’re finished!


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. 
Please leave a comment below with any questions, suggestions or constructive criticism. It would be great if you have chance to check out some of my other tutorials on my site.
Have a great Christmas, everyone! :)



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