TUTORIAL: Rune Stone Inspired Charms

a small stone, piece of bone, etc., marked with a rune and used in divination.

Whether rune stones hold a spiritual meaning for you or not, I love the idea of making faux rune stones which can be worn. You can use whichever symbols you like. I should probably note that I’m no expert, so I apologise to anyone if they’re not exactly correct.

What you’ll need:

  • Polymer clay (black)
  • Acrylic paint (silver)
  • A very thin paintbrush
  • An oven
  • A clean surface
  • A small ball tool / dotting tool
  • Clay varnish (I use regular Fimo gloss)
  • Eye pins
  • Necklace chain and links (optional)
  • Fimo grind’n polish set (optional)


Step one:
Begin with a few small balls of black clay. Shape them into irregular pebble shapes.


Step two:
Press your eye pins into the tops.



Step three:
Use your dotting tool or ball tool to sketch your symbols into the front of the “stones”. Apply a little pressure so that the paint will catch in the dents later. Bake all of them until hard. This should take around 25 minutes on gas mark 4 (180 degrees Celsius).


Step four:
To make your charms look smoother, use your grind’n polish set over it very gently. This will reduce any bumps or fingerprint marks.
Use your small paintbrush to paint into the grooves you made earlier. Use a tissue to wipe over the surface if you paint out of the lines. You want this part to look as neat as possible.


Step five:
Wait for the paint to dry completely, then apply a layer of varnish to both sides. Wait for the varnish to dry and you’re finished! Just add your new charms to a necklace chain if you want to.


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